Declaration of Major - Education

College of Education

Undergraduate Admission:
Undergraduate Admission to the College of Education is based on two levels.  Level 1 is for freshmen and sophomore students working on General Education requirements, COE requirements specific to each program area, and academic majors and minors.  Level 2 is for junior and senior students meeting the admission standards for Level 2 listed below.  During Level 2 students complete any remaining Level 1 coursework and the professional courses of their program.
Admission — Level 1
All students intending to pursue a teaching curriculum who enter the University directly from high school, or transfer from other colleges are directly admitted by the University Admissions Office into the College of Education Level 1.
Admission is through the University Office of Admissions, Welcome Center, 42 W. Warren Ave., P.O. Box 02759, Detroit, Michigan 48202; telephone: 313-577-3577.
Admission — Level 2  
— entering with 53 college credits
The standards listed in the link below apply to those students entering the College of Education Level 2. Those working toward a secondary or elementary school teaching certificate, those in a combined degree program, and those previously admitted in Level 1 to the College of Education.
Eligibility for admission is based on the following criteria: