Degree Works / STARS Degree Audit


Degree Works


Degree Works Goals for Students

Degree Works will assist students in achieving their goal of graduating on time by:

  • Reviewing their progress toward degree completion
  • Identifying courses that need to be completed
  • Selecting courses that meet your degree requirements
  • Planning courses to take in future semesters
  • Determining a projected graduation date
  • Choosing a new major, minor or second major

Goals for Advisors and Faculty

Degree Works will assist Advisors and Faculty with their goal to provide students with the most up-to-date and accurate information by:

  • Providing a clear outline of missing requirements to help students choose the best courses
  • Saving time by using the What-If scenario if a student is interested in a new major
  • Assisting to encourage students to create an academic plan, semester by semester
  • Reviewing academic progress and GPA 

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