Go to Class!

It sounds simple: if you go to class and actively engage with your instructor and classmates, you're going to be more successful. 

Wayne State takes an active role in the success of our students. We believe that ongoing participation in classes is one of the key things that helps a student finish each of their classes successfully and ultimately to graduate on time. Each of your instructors will confirm your participation soon after your class begins. This is information that will be shared with your academic advisor, the Registrar and Student Financial Aid.   

What is confirmation of participation?

Confirmation of participation is a process by which instructors report to the university that a student is engaged in their course. This is not a subjective judgment on the perceived quality of participation, and you are not being "graded" on it. It is a question of simply whether or not students are participating.  

For this purpose, participation can include: 

  • Attending the class
  • Handing in homework
  • Taking a quiz or exam
  • Joining in discussions about the course material on Canvas
  • Participating in a study group assigned by your instructor
  • Working on a group project

Why are you doing this?

First, Wayne State understands that early engagement is key to succeeding in coursework, making satisfactory academic progress, and graduating.  Confirming participation helps provide information to your advisors early in the semester and will help them advise you more effectively. Further, Wayne State also is obligated to follow governmental rules and regulations regarding federal financial aid.  One of the rules is that the university must document participation in order to allow students to keep their aid.   

How does Wayne State University confirm my participation?

Your instructor will confirm your participation early on in the semester. It's important to go to class each time it meets to ensure that your participation is confirmed. To finish the semester successfully, it is equally to important to continue to go to class and actively participate.  

What's a PIN, and what do I do with it?

Your instructor may provide a PIN to confirm your participation. If so, go to Academica and click on Student Resources. Click on Course Participation Status, find the class for which you received a PIN, and type it in. Your instructor will receive notice in the system, and will confirm your participation.

How do I know if my instructor has confirmed my participation?

Go to Academica and click on Student Resources. Click on Course Participation Status. You'll see the list of all the courses you're registered for, and what the status is of each course. If you're confirmed (Green), there's nothing remaining to do. 

What happens if I don't participate or it's not confirmed by my instructor?

If your instructor does not confirm your participation in a class, Student Financial Aid will adjust your aid based on the number of credit hours that have been confirmed. This could mean your aid package will be reduced. If you have already received a refund based on the credits for an unconfirmed course, you may end up with an account balance and have to pay the university back.  

I have been participating, but my instructor hasn't confirmed it yet.  What should I do? 

You can check your status of your confirmations online in Academica. If you have been participating, but it is not yet indicated (Yellow), it is important that you reach out to your instructor and ask that they confirm. Otherwise, you risk being dropped from the class and possibly having your financial aid recalculated.  

What if I'm not able to be here during the first two weeks?
In the future, you should plan on being in class when it starts.  But, if circumstances keep you from physically attending class at the start of the semester, you need to reach out to your instructors immediately and work out arrangements to interact with course material in those opening weeks.  Not being engaged at all is not an option for success, and you may find that you've been dropped from the class if you aren't participating. 

When does all this happen? 

Your instructor cannot confirm your participation until class has started, so be sure to go to class! We're working with instructors to get you confirmed early on in the semester.

What else can I do?

The first step is going to class and actively participating. Ask questions. Talk to your classmates and your instructors about the class. Read your books and finish all your assignments on time. You need to continue going to class and remain involved. If you continue to be concerned about how you're doing in class there are a few things you can do:

  • Talk to your instructor. Your instructor is key to your success. Follow up with them on any questions you have or any material you didn't understand. Your instructors will be glad to help you out, so take advantage of office hours or send them an email.  
  • Reach out to your academic advisor. Your advisor can help you with tips on studying, advice on how to approach course material and help you determine how to ask your instructor for help. They can also steer you to other resources, such as:
  • Make sure you check your WSU email account every day! You'll receive many important messages from your professors, fellow students, and others sent via email, and it's your responsibility as a student to keep up on them.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.  

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