Subject Code Space Removal Information

Effective July 19, 2015, Wayne State University will remove the space from its two letter subject codes. This space removal is due in large part to the upcoming release of Degree Works.  We will be updating academic history for students who have enrolled in classes since 1998, as well as current and upcoming classes.

Subject Codes impacted

Subject Current Becomes
Educ: Adult Education* A E AE
Art History A H AH
American Studies* A S AS
Business Administration B A BA
Basic Engineering B E BE
Cancer Biology C B CB
Civil Engineering C E CE
Community Medicine C M CM
Clinical Psychology* C P CP
Educ: Driver Education* D E DE
Dispute Resolution D R DR
Engg Drawing* E D EGD
Elect Engg* E E EE
Engg Graphics 1* E G EG
Engg Mechanics* E M EM
Engg Shop* E S ES
Engineering Technology E T ET
Gen Business* G B GB
General Electives* G E GE
Educ: Health Education H E HE
Mnth: Humanistic Stds* H S HS
Industrial Arts* I A IA
Interdisciplinary Studies I D ID
Industrial Engineering I E IE
Interdisciplinary Humanities* I H IH
Immunology/Microbiology I M IM
Industrial Relations I R IR
International Studies* I S IS
Educ: Instructional Technology I T IT
Library Ed* L E LE
Library Science* L S LS
Medical Chemistry* M C MC
Medical Doctor* M D MD
Mechanical Engineering M E ME
Molecular Genetics* M G MG
Mortuary Science M S MS
Medical Tech* M T MT
Near Eastern Studies N E NE
Mnth: Natural Sci* N S NS
Occupational Therapy O T OT
Pharm Admin* P A PA
Pharm Chem* P C PC
Educ: Physical Education* P E PE
Physiol & Pharm* P P PP
Political Science P S PS
Physical Therapy P T PT
Reading Efficiency* R E RE
Recreational Leadership* R L RL
Educ: Rec and Park Services* R P RP
Rehabilitation Science* R S RS
Radiation Therapy Tech R T RT
Educ: Speech Education* S E SE
Seminar Law* S L SL
Social Sci* S S SS
Social Work S W SW
University of Michigan U M UM
Urban Planning U P UP
Urban Studies U S US
Vocatnl Ed* V E VE
Vocat Rehab* V R VR
Women's Studies* W S WS

*Subject codes marked with an asterisk are no longer in use, but exist in academic history.

There will be no changes to department codes or major codes.  For example, the major code and the department code for Political Science will remain "P S".

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