Early Academic Assessment Grades

After consulting with faculty and advisors, the University has changed the grading system for Early Academic Assessment.  Starting in the Winter 2009 term, instructors will need to enter regular grades (C- through F, and U, etc.)  in place of the old EAA grades (-H, -E, -L, -P, etc.)  By issuing standardized grades, it is expected that students will have a better indicator of their progress in their coursework.  The old EAA grading system will no longer be available.  

Grades assigned through the EAA grading process do not affect a student's GPA.  It is merely an indication of how a student is performing at that point in the term.  

Students will still be notified when an EAA grade that is equivalent to a C- or below has been posted to their record.  Students will also be advised to speak with you if there are any questions.